Trump has taken a break from being president to retire to his golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey for a while. It might be called a vacation, were it not for the fact that “vacation” implies a reprieve from work, and Trump hasn’t been getting any work done. His first six months in the Oval Office have been marked by failure after failure. Exhausted from all this “winning” Trump has decided to play more golf.

Taxpayers have been footing the bill for Trump’s incessant golf trips, but his latest lark has incurred an unexpected cost. Buzzfeed News reports that the Secret Service has canceled a superhero event that was planned for 250 eleven and twelve-year-old children because it would be too close to Trump’s Bedminster location.

Tamarack Day Camp intended for four skydivers dressed up as popular superheroes to jump from a plane and land in the camp, where they would surprise the children by acting out a scene in which they saved the children from the arrival of villainous biker actors. It took months to plan and was supposed to initiate the “Color War” a fun competition between the children.

“This morning, we had the FAA clearance, the sky divers were ready on the plane and then the Secret Service shut us down for the no-fly zone. Which was really sad,” Jessica Granum, the camp’s assistant director, told Buzzfeed.

The Secret Service banned the event just a few hours before it was set to commence because the plane involved in the stunt would have penetrated one-tenth of a mile into a no-fly zone created to protect Trump at Bedminster for the duration of his trip.

In a last ditch effort to salvage the event, Tamarack Day Camp took to its Twitter account – which has been unused since it was created in 2014 – to appeal directly to Trump. They sent out the same Tweet twice:

@POTUS Mr. President, Please ask the Secret Service to allow our Sky Divers to fly to Randolph, break our Color War..lots of kids

Trump ignored the pleas and instead spent the day golfing and sending out Twitter attacks aimed at Mitch McConnell. Tamarack Day Camp adapted, and instead had the superheroes arrive in a fire truck to fight off the bikers, preventing Trump from completely ruining the children’s’ day.

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