After two stormy years as a highly visible Donald Trump supporter on CNN, political strategist and commentator Jeffrey Lord was fired today after he tweeted “Sieg Heil!” at a progressive political activist with whom he has had a long running feud.

Sieg Heil!

— Jeff Lord (@realJeffreyLord) August 10, 2017

CNN explained its action to remove Lord from its air with a statement: “Nazi salutes are indefensible.”

Thus ends a controversial series of appearances on the global news network that began in the summer of 2015 when CNN felt it needed a pro-Trump voice to counter the numerous anti-Trump commentators on its news shows. The network now has a number of others who take Trump’s side, so the loss of Lord will not make a difference except that it eliminates a writer and commentator who seemed to love to be outrageous.

Lord’s run on CNN will be remembered for a number of incidents in which he crossed over from commentator to provocateur, a role he seems to relish.

One prominent low point came this past April during a debate on Trumpcare moderated by African American host Don Lemon when Lord proudly proclaimed the President was the “Martin Luther King of health care.”

That infuriated Lemon and other guests, and the program ended with the rest of the panel frustrated and disgusted by Lord.

Another low point was on “Super Tuesday,” in March 2016, when a conservative commentator was talking about how Trump was appealing to those with racial prejudices with “dog whistles,” words that trigger an understanding about the real intent of the candidate’s remarks. To emphasize the point, commentator S.E. Cupp made the point that Trump had not disavowed KKK leader David Duke.

Lord’s response was to twist history to make the point that many decades earlier some Democrats had supported the KKK, making the inane argument that the Klan is actually a left-wing organization.

CNN host Van Jones, another African American, immediately raised questions about the relevance of Lord’s comment, calling the point “absurd.”

Lord insisted that “history matters.”

The flap that finally ended Lord’s run at CNN has to do with his ongoing criticism of the group Media Matters for America and its president Angelo Carusone, who is leading an effort to convince advertisers to boycott Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News.

Fascist Media Matters Moves to Silence Hannity | The American Spectator

— Jeff Lord (@realJeffreyLord) August 9, 2017

Lord, a friend and fan of Hannity, earlier this week wrote an article for the American Spectator about Media Matters financial support from George Soros, the billionaire who mostly supports liberal and Democratic causes, and has long campaigned for a one-world philosophy that is at odds with Trump’s nationalist mantra.

In a tweet war, Carusone retorted that his group had received just one single donation from Soros back in 2010, and to say that was their primary support was inaccurate. Causone added that Lord’s column was “full of lies.”

So all you guys taking me to task read this – from yesterday – right? Uh-huh. Sure.

— Jeff Lord (@realJeffreyLord) August 10, 2017

In a response for The American Spectator published this morning, Lord called Media Matters a fascist group for trying to stifle Hannity’s free speech. Lord said the group’s mission was to “shut down speech they don’t like.”

Lord said Carusone was playing a “fascist game,” adding, “This is America, Angelo. Not Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany or Communist Russia.”

Lord tweeted back that Lord’s headline had a mistake in it because it abbreviated the group as MMF (Media Matters Fascists) rather than its proper name. Carusone added: “Why would you expect anyone to take you seriously when you don’t take yourself seriously.”

That is when Lord tweeted back, “Sieg Heil!”

A self-proclaimed history buff who uses history to twist around his interpretation of current events, now it is Lord who is history, at least at CNN.

While Lord is right about the need for free speech, he confuses censorship with telling the truth, providing an accurate perspective and backing up claims with facts.

Lord, like Newt Gingrich and others, finds a way to praise what Trump does no matter how wrong, abusive, crazy, and inappropriate his actions, lies, and exaggerations.

In its coverage of Lord today, Media Matters headline was simply “Bye”

CNN is well rid of him. If only it was as easy to make him go away completely.

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