The United States is locked in a tense stand off with North Korea over the rogue nation’s rapidly advancing nuclear weapons program.

News leaked this week that North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un’s scientists may have finally mastered the last pieces of technology needed to hit the U.S. mainland with a nuclear tipped ballistic missile. That threshold has long constituted a red line that the U.S. would not allow North Korea to cross. Now that they may have, our two nations appear to be on a collision course.

The rhetoric coming from the White House has only complicated the issue. The world has come to expect North Korea’s leaders to speak like with all the drama and vitriol of a king at war in The Game of Thrones. American Presidents and western leaders in general usually, however, usually take the high road an avoid playing games with rhetoric.

But now, President Donald Trump is threatening nuclear holocaust in public statements, which has only rattled our allies and made a bad situation worse.

Despite these new developments, however, cooler heads are expected to prevail. But just in case they don’t, it would be nice if the American people know where all that “fire and fury” President Trump promised will end up.

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel is on it. He taped a segment for tonight’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” this afternoon on the streets of Hollywood, asking random people if they could identify North Korea on a map.

Let’s just say, few if any had degrees in geography. You can the entire segment below.

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