Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was a frequent and vocal critic of Donald Trump in 2016, but when it comes to bombing our adversaries without regard for human life or long-term consequences, he and the president could not be more closely aligned.

While President Trump has been firing off Twitter threats at North Korea, Graham has argued that Congress both does not need to authorize preemptive force and should pass the authorization anyway — a move Congress is unlikely to take.

Graham is not worried though, because he has spoken with Trump and he found the president to be perfectly eager to attack, even preemptively, the Republican Senator told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt.

The Hill’s Jordain Carney reports that in a conversation with Trump, Graham found the president to be “deadly serious. Very curious.” Forgetting for a moment how far the bar has fallen when a U.S. Senator hails victory in capturing the president’s curiosity, dead seriousness from a man with Trump’s poor grasp and lack of interest in global affairs is cause for real concern — and it gets worse.

“I think he’s made a decision long ago, quite frankly, to try to negotiate the threat with North Korea,” Graham said. “But if negotiations fail, he is willing to abandon strategic patience and use pre-emption. I think he’s there mentally. He has told me this.

“They’re going to unleash all of their weapons against South Korea and Japan,” he continued. “I would not fire one missile or drop one bomb against North Korea unless we were ready to finish the job.”

There are times when nation’s must resort to force, and with a regime as maniacal as Kim Jong-un’s, it is necessary to leave all options on the table. But there is nothing sensible or wise about abandoning “strategic patience” or cheerleading Trump’s ill-conceived march to aggression. Their cavalier approach to actions that will end in the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent civilians is as inhumane as it is dangerous.

When Graham says “finish the job,” he is talking about annihilating a nation of 25 million people — something President Trump may or may not know and certainly does not seem to care about.

While Graham believes these are statements to be cheered, in truth they are the terrifying words of a mad man who must be stopped.

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