Washington was buzzing today with news leaking that the FBI raided former Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort’s home in July. But that wasn’t the only FBI raid to rock the nation’s capital.

The LA Times reported Wednesday that the campaign treasurer for a prominent California Republican congressman received a visit from the three-letter agency back in February. FBI agents executed a search warrant and seized “computer equipment and documents for their investigation into whether the Alpine [CA] Republican misused campaign funds,” according to the Times report.

“The warrant, which was unsealed in March, said agents were looking for evidence showing whether Hunter’s campaign funds were used for personal reasons, whether there was a scheme to defraud a bank over video game purchases, and whether Hunter’s campaign finance reports were falsified to “impede or influence” FBI and House Ethics Committee inquiries into his use of campaign funds.” – LA Times.

Rep. Hunter endorsed Donald Trump early in the primary season, and has appeared on news shows regularly to defend now President Trump at every turn. Even during the most controversial moments of his Presidency, Rep. Hunter was there to prop him up.

News first broke in March that Rep. Hunter was under investigation for campaign finance irregularities during the 2016 election. His attorneys released a statement then saying that he, “became aware of expenditure issues confronting his campaign committee. Out of an abundance of caution, he took corrective action in consultation with the FEC and, ultimately, he and his wife personally repaid the campaign approximately $60,000.”

The FBI raid, however, suggests he hasn’t been completely forthright and cooperative. Rep. Hunter blamed his son for “using the wrong credit card” to accidentally purchase the $1,300 worth of video games that FBI agents flagged. But other purchases have not yet been explained.

“…Unusual spending by Hunter’s campaign included a now-infamous airplane ride for the family rabbit and payments to nail salons, his children’s private school and a Phoenix resort,” the Times reports.

Rep. Hunter first came to national prominence when he got caught on camera vaping during a Congressional hearing. His mostly rural San Diego area district is one that’s been targeted by Democrats to flip in 2018. The findings of the investigation are expected soon.

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