Donald Trump is playing a game of nuclear chicken with Kim Jong-Un. It’s a dangerous, unnecessary gamble inspired by his gross ego, and the betting chips are nothing less than millions of innocent lives.

Americans who grew up free from Soviet-era nuclear paranoia are being reintroduced to the fear that previous generations were subjected to. Disgustingly, it all stems from Trump’s inability to resist North Korea’s transparent peacocking bait. Rather than ignore them, and work to achieve actual progress in the region through other means, Trump responds to each dictatorial threat with an equally bombastic verbal attack of his own.

Now, Leon Panetta, a former Secretary of Defense and Director of the CIA for President Obama has put Trump’s reckless warmongering in perspective. He calls it the “most serious crisis” the U.S. has faced since the Cuban Missile Crisis:

Blitzer: I don't recall seeing you this emotional, possibly outraged

Panetta: "I'm concerned…This is not a game"

— CNN (@CNN) August 11, 2017

Panetta’s warning is sobering. The idea that the United States is in a similar situation to the one she found herself in at the height of the Cold War should give everyone – Trump supporters and detractors alike – pause. The North Korean crisis is dire. We need a JFK, but instead we’re stuck with The Donald.

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