After white supremacists in Virginia killed one person and injured 19 others in a hateful rally that turned predictably violent, President Trump remained silent for hours. Only after widespread outrage over his failed leadership and a pair of tweets that badly missed the mark did he finally call a press conference.

Again, Trump chose not to condemn the racist rage that fueled both the violence and his own rise to the presidency. Now, Tommy Vietor, former spokesman for President Obama and co-host of Pod Save America, is sounding the alarm. (Tweet below.)

We elect leaders to make difficult decisions about complex issues that affect lives and have the potential for unintended consequences. Condemning Nazis is not one of them. It’s easy.

And yet, Trump not only did not mention the white supremacist culprits of today’s attack, when he was asked about it, he kept walking out of the room.

Vietor has worked for a real leader in the White House and is understandably incensed. He called out Trump because if he fails when it’s easy, he will be a colossal disaster in the face of real challenges.

These aren't hard questions! Condemn the fucking Nazis and Klansmen murdering people in Charlottesville. What is wrong with him?

— Tommy Vietor (@TVietor08) August 12, 2017

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