With President Trump’s refusal to condemn the white supremacist fervor that today led to the death of at least one person in Charlottesville, Virginia, it is absolutely critical that white Americans speak out and take a strong stand against the plague of racist hate that Trump continues to stoke.

Navy veteran Jim Wright is accepting that challenge and pulling no punches.

Wright published the below below post on his Facebook feed today, sending a strong signal that Trump’s values are not the American values he fought to protect.

His powerful and harsh words should be read by every American and can be found below in their entirety:

I keep trying to get to a point in this insanity where I can write a piece, but it’s all going sideways

So, instead, some observations:

– Fuck racist terrorists. This isn’t free speech. You don’t bring guns, clubs, torches, and shields to peaceful demonstration. This is terrorism. These people are terrorists. A car just plowed into a crowd of anti-racist protesters. I’ve watched the video. It was deliberate. It was attempted murder. This is terrorism and should be called such. So far as a I know, the terrorists have not been caught yet. Fuck those cowards.

– Fuck the Confederacy. Every symbol of the Confederacy, every monument, every flag, every statue, should be pulled down, uprooted, smashed into rubble, and burned. Fuck Robert E. Lee, he was a traitor, pull down his statue, melt it down, recast it into urinals. Piss on the Confederacy.

– Fuck Nazis. I don’t want to hear any social justice warrior bullshit about not confronting these racist shitbags with violence if necessary. They get punched in the head, they take a lead pipe over the skull, well it just plain sucks to be a Nazi. I’m not going to sugar coat that for you. Nazis are Nazis, they deserve nothing but a boot in their yellow teeth and punch in the throat. They’re getting off easy. Our grandfathers hunted Nazis down and EXTERMINATED them and it’s to our everlasting shame that we let this cancer regrow in our midst. Fuck Nazis.

– Fuck Trump. Trump owns this. Republicans own this. This isn’t the Alt-Right, this IS the right. These sons of bitches are literally shouting “Sieg Trump” in the streets of Charlottesville right now. Fuck Trump.

These people are the vile residue, the foul distillation, of every failed hateful rotten-tooth inbred ideology in history. Don’t let them hide. Don’t make excuses for them. Get them out in the open. Make them own it. They have jobs — some of them. They have parents and kids and neighbors. They have churches. The Constitution gives them a right to their hate, but not a right to be free of the consequences. Publish their pictures. Publish their license plates. Get them out in the open. Pull their hoods off. They’re standing out there shouting hate, flying the flag of treason, their arms upraised in the Hitler salute. Make them own it. Make them infamous. Don’t let them hide.

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