Today, after a white supremacist rally turned predictably violent killing at least one and wounding 19 others, President Trump gave the perpetrators and their movement a pass.

While, the disgraceful move was hardly a surprise as the rally also served as a love note to Trump who spent his campaign stoking the flames of their racist hate, the free pass was an astounding gift to the neo-Nazi right.

Still, that was not enough for former KKK leader David Duke, who praised Trump earlier but felt betrayed because the president paid lip service to the victims of white supremacy. Duke threw a truly pathetic Twitter Tantrum, showing just how truly entitled these delicate white snowflakes truly are.

Actually, snowflake is far too good a term for these hate mongers and hardly fits after meltdowns like these.

Duke is right about one thing: Trump owes his presidency to Duke and his fellow bigots.

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