The man who killed a 32-year-old woman and injured nine others when he drove his car into a group of peaceful anti-racism protestors today has been identified as James Alex Fields, a 20-year-old Ohioan and, according to DMV records, a registered Republican.

Fields has been apprehended and is being charged on several felony counts including second degree murder, the Washington Post reports.

Fields, however, did not register as a Republican when he turned 18. He registered last year, in advance of the Presidential Election.

It is too soon to say definitively if Fields registered specifically to vote for Trump, but this much is clear: Fields is inspired by the hateful, racist message that Trump preaches.

We will find out more about this alleged killer and avowed racist in the coming days, but we know plenty about Trump. Everyday that he is in office continuing to stoke the flames of bigotry is a danger to our republic.

More as this story develops.

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