• Plant in Crosby, Texas, lost power because of flooding from Harvey
  • Police to enforce evacuation zone around plant east of Houston
  • News story: two explosions take place at Arkema chemical plant

The Washington Post is reporting that “amid the many feel-good stories about strangers helping strangers in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, a feel-bad story has almost inevitably surfaced: Scammers are using robo-calls to try to fleece storm survivors.”

The robo-calls tell people that their premiums are past due and that they must send money immediately or else have their flood insurance canceled.

“That is pure fraud. You should only be taking information from trusted sources,” said Roy E. Wright, director of the National Flood Insurance Program at the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The Associated Press is reporting that Congress is gearing up for a vote as early as next week on a multibillion-dollar down payment on relief aid for Harvey.

White House and congressional aides said Thursday an emergency request to replenish rapidly shrinking aid reserves is coming from the Trump administration within days and that votes in both the House and Senate would quickly follow.

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