Seoul is poised to give green light to install four more batteries of controversial Thaad system amid tensions with Pyongyang

  • Full report: Nuclear test confirmed in major escalation by Kim Jong-un
  • Analysis: Latest nuclear test reflects failure of Trump’s rhetoric
  • Trump calls North Korea ‘a rogue nation which has become a great threat’
  • Did North Korea just test a hydrogen bomb?

South Korea’s military has released more images it says are from its earlier live-fire exercise. The operation focused on simulated targets in the East Sea and the military said the sites were chosen with the North’s Punggye-ri nuclear test site in mind.

South Korea’s media has called on Seoul to consider developing an independent nuclear deterrent, as concern grows over the strength of Washington’s commitment to its east Asian ally’s security following North Korea’s sixth nuclear test on Sunday.

The South hosts 28,500 US troops and falls under the US nuclear umbrella, but in return is banned from building its own nuclear weapons under a 1974 agreement with the US.
North Korean missile launches and yesterday’s test of what it claimed was a powerful hydrogen bomb have triggered calls by conservative politicians for the South to develop a nuclear deterrent independent of the US. Support for the move is also rising among South Korean voters.

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