Most powerful hurricane ever recorded over Atlantic Ocean batters Caribbean islands as it moves west with category 5 winds and rains

  • Most powerful hurricane ever recorded in Atlantic makes landfall
  • Florida prepares as Hurricane Irma grows into ‘superstorm’

Irma has caused “major damage” on several Caribbean islands, French Overseas Territories Minister Annick Girardin, said, according to AFP.

French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb also said that government buildings on the island of Saint Martin – the most sturdy built there – had been destroyed.

Image d'un hôtel à #StMartin après le passage #IRMA #ouraganIRMA via @guadeloupe_1ere

The French government has confirmed widespread flooding and electrical blackouts on the islands of St Barthélemy and St Martin.

In a situation report time-stamped 7.30am (it is now 8.25am) breaks down the impact on both islands.

IRMA s'abat sur les îles du nord. 1er Point de situation à ST-MARTIN et ST-BARTHELEMY, ce mercredi 6 septembre

Irma – des images de Saint Barth @ParisMatch

Damage in St. Martin from

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