Seven Things President Buhari Wants APC Leaders, Members To Do

Seven Things President Buhari Wants APC Leaders, Members To Do
President Muhammadu Buhari addresses APC leaders and members at the party’s NEC meeting on February 27 in Abuja.

Ahead of the 2019 elections, President Muhammadu Buhari has asked the leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to unite and work to ensure that the party achieves victory in the elections.

The President made the call on Tuesday at the meeting of the party’s National Executive Committee meeting in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja.

Here are seven things the President wants the party to do:

1 Support Security Agencies

Amid recent security challenges and the outrage over the abduction of the Dapchi schoolgirls, the President recalls his promise to tackle insecurity.

“We must support our Security Agencies to safeguard our country so that the job of development as outlined in our Manifesto can proceed without too much interruption.”

2 Remind Nigerians Of The Past

The Buhari administration has maintained its position that the country was in a bad state with an ‘empty treasure’ when it came into existence. It is something the President wants his party leaders to ensure Nigerians remember.

“Mr Chairman, Members of the National Executive Committee, we cannot afford to fail to remind Nigerians where we came from in 2015. I am happy to report that slowly and steadily we have managed to stabilize the country and re-direct the ship of the State.”

3 Thank Nigerians

The President who swept to power with massive support and goodwill, believe Nigerians deserve praise for “still” supporting him.

“Above all, we must pay tribute to the Nigerian people. They still massively support the government in spite of distractions from exponents of “business-as-usual”.”

4 To Avoid Relaxing

At the NEC meeting, the President reeled out the achievements of his administration. He said the achievements included restoring “confidence in Nigeria”, prudence to the management of public finances, stabilizing the naira, increasing the foreign reserves and reducing inflation.

However, the President who also declared the APC “is now the party of the Nigerian people” does not want his party leaders to take things easy.

“I am not asking us to relax and take things easy.”

5 Support Bola Tinubu

The general elections are fast approaching with internal crisis threatening the APC preparations. To ensure the party is united and ready, the President appointed the national leader of the party to reconcile aggrieved or warring members. The task has been threatened by the worsening relationship between Tinubu and the National Chairman of the party.

At the NEC meeting, the President canvassed support for Tinubu as he sets about the task.

“As we all know, elections are looming on the horizon, we must, therefore, get our act together. Accordingly, I implore all members of the Party to give the Asiwaju Committee full cooperation to resolve differences existing amongst our members in the states affected.”

6 Remember The Common Purpose

Still on internal conflicts within the APC, President Buhari believes it is normal for members of a “democratic party” to have differences, as long as everyone remembers the common goal.

“It is perhaps inevitable that there would be differences of opinion within the Party. If we didn’t have differences we wouldn’t be a genuinely democratic Party. But we must not lose sight of our common purpose as a new Party to break the mould of Nigerian politics and take the country to new heights. Therefore, we have asked our respected Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to lead this process of restoring order to the ranks, manage differences and strengthen the Party.”

7 Remember APC’s History

As far as the President is concerned, the APC has a history of conducting free and fair primaries. He wants members to remember that.

“I urge all members to take account of the fact that APC has a history of conducting free and fair primaries whenever consensus about any position is not reached. Regardless of the outcomes of the primary processes, it is imperative that we all work together to ensure victory for our Party.”

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